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Updated: Aug 11

Welcome to UX snacks bakery. Here ya'll taste one bite readings of UX:

Insights, jokes, quotations, links, epic situations, daily routines, etc. Snacks have been constantly baked, so come back here anytime you feel hungry :)

№1 UX SNACK. Conceptual usability?

‘’We want a site like Prada. Prada has high conversions”. Sometimes ecommercers forget that, as Peep Laya- the optimisation specialist, tells:

‘’Hight Competitor conversion rate might be cause not because of website but also:

  • better traffic sources,

  • more targeted ads,

  • better client relationships,

  • established qualified market leaders.

Firstly because, when established designers launch a collection, there is a mob of people waiting at their door step to buy their products. The traffic they receive on their website is extremely qualified and relevant’’.

You can ignore eshop visual fundamentals: patterns, buttons, good copy only if you are… Balenciaga, or at least Kim Kardashian’s husband ( AKA Kanye) (https://www.balenciaga.com), (https://yeezysupply.com/)

№2 UX SNACK. Business need us more than we need business.

Once my friend showed me his new site of games they’ve been selling.

I opened the catalog, looked at those games. There was a list of pictures and names.

— Well?? — he asked.

— What? What should I do? — I replied.

— Hm, well, look at them.

— You don’t want me to look only, do you? You want me to buy / write for request.

— YES, exactly !!

— So why don’t you ask me directly?

Truth is, user will click around if wants the item, but we can reduce his cognitive load and speed him up to download/ purchase / donate if motivate directly. Do not leave a page without CTA, textual or graphical one.

№3 UX SNACK. Perception Models

The closer a designer is to user, the more accurate design solutions he can design. Whether its skeuomorphic or flat design. The better you hide the complexity of back end, the more relative your design solutions become to user’s primitive mind.

When designing ATM machine, you don’t ask user which side of card he’d like to scan first, or guess where the info of balance is held — magnet stripe or somewhere else, do you? This is a matter of developer, not user. So we, designers, should keep a good balance between those two.

№4 UX SNACK. Usability is numerical.

If you google usability testings, you might find dozens of usability testing methods. If you don’t know where to start, this trinity should be your starting point. When testing alternative design solutions, filter them through these dashboards:

Effectiveness — are users able to reach their goals with this design solution? (If yes, continue testing with efficiency)

— Efficiency (in terms of time) — how fast users are able to reach their goals?

— Satisfaction — were users satisfied while reaching their goals? Did they enjoyed using your design solution? Would they recommend your product for friends at the end?

№5 UX SNACK. UX for business

Cognitive sequence:

— Benefit for customer-> benefit for business:

— User will purchase a Premium because you make their life easier.

— User can find things easier with well structured info architecture->fasten purchasing.

— Good UX can resolve sales obstacles (e.g. delivery&return)

— User won’t need as much help and support, they will use your well organise site instead. Thus, won’t feel frustrated.

—Customer retention is as much important as engagement. If they have a good user experience, they will come back.

— Good UX Increase market shares, mouth — to — mouth marketing. People love sharing good things.

Only treated purchaser can be effective. And this ux’er’s task.

№6 UX SNACK. UX for business

№6 UX SNACK. Nobody likes Newsletter / Registrations

‘’Sign up to get updates’’. You mean spam, don’t you? If not, shout out concrete, tangible benefits for customer.

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